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Preparing Teen Drivers for the Road

Parents who wanted to help prepare teen drivers for the road this summer had a chance to put them behind the wheel at the Jackson Road Cruise – in a virtual reality driving simulator.

The event coincided with a $195,772 donation from Kohl’s Cares to support the Drive Smart campaign launched to reduce distracted driving and related injuries and deaths. Since 2014, Kohl’s has donated more than $495,000 to Mott.

“We unfortunately see the tragic consequences of distracted driving at our hospital. Our campaign aims to reduce the preventable injuries and deaths traffic accidents cause every day,” said Mott Pediatric Trauma Program Manager Amy Randall.

The simulator, on loan from the Michigan State Police, exposed “drivers” to several distractions as they maneuvered the vehicle along streets, through intersections and turns. Drivers got a first-hand look at how something as simple as texting their boss to say they are running late for work can delay their response time to pedestrians and oncoming cars.

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