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Our Vision

Our nervous system is strong. It controls our every move, thought and sense. It is also fragile and easily injured or traumatized. Our highly-recognized team here in the University of Michigan Department of Neurosurgery is among the best in the country in identifying and treating neurological challenges. This remarkable group of multidisciplinary collaborators is committed to achieving optimal outcomes for our patients. Employing the latest technology, the neurosurgery specialists at U-M are at the top of their field in the treatment and discovery of innovative approaches that address neurological problems, such as pediatric and adult brain tumors, pituitary disorders, spinal diseases and disorders, brachial plexus palsy, Parkinson’s disease, aneurysms and a vast number of other neurologic disorders.

Committed to educating the brightest and best, our leaders apply their expertise and the most current techniques to educate neurosurgery residents who will continue groundbreaking research and discoveries that will open doors to endless lifesaving possibilities.

Become a Victor

Now is the time to discover more effective treatment options — and ultimately cures — for patients and families that are battling some of the most devastating neurologic diseases in our nation and globally. With your help, we can cultivate innovative concepts that will transition research from the laboratory to the operating room.

To learn how to help, contact:

Kirsten Petriches

Associate Director of Development, Neurosciences


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Neurosurgery Gift Fund

Supports innovative and programmatic neurosurgical activities at the discretion of the chair. Give Now

Brain Tumor Research

Supports innovative brain tumor research performed within the Department of Neurosurgery. Give Now

Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

Donations support innovative pediatric brain tumor research performed within the Department of Neurosurgery. Give Now

Spine Research Fund

Support ensures that patients receive the best surgical or medical therapy for their spine problem and moves forward clinical trials to help us better understand spinal injuries and the most effective treatments. Give Now

Resident Wellness Program

To support Neurosurgery residents in the areas of nutrition and exercise, well-being and resilience, and co-curricular learning. The Resident Wellness Program helps provide a well-rounded learning and growth experience during residency. Give Now

Neurovascular Research Fund

Our research team is investigating why patients suffer from neurological deficits after a hemorrhage. We are working to impede the development of stroke and to improve treatments. Give Now